Foldable & Stretchable

Concepts of foldable and stretchable (FS) smartphone is most appropriate meet requirements for smartphone.
Smartphone users need small form factor smartphone easy to keep, one hand usable size, and big screen.
And eventually 16:9 screen ration is important watching TV and Videos.
Our FS smartphone meets all these requirements.


When foldable and stretchable structure is applied, 4 to 5 inches smartphone can be usable to have the functions of tablets also.
Here are tables showing size of screen in each status, folded, unfolded, stretched.
As shown in the table, 5-inch screen can be 8.9 inches which size is sufficient to use as tablet.
Even 4-inch and 4.5 inch smartphone can be usable as tablet when our FS mechanism is applied.


The usefulness of our FS smartphone can be seen easily with size comparison.


As can be seen in the comparison, when 5-inch smartphone is unfolded only, the size for 16:9 video is only 5.6 inches, not much difference with folded status.
When stretched, the screen size can be increased up to 8.9 inches, very suitable for mobile screen.

One hand usability is very important for smartphone.
Using FS structure, smartphone can be smaller when folded.
We summarized the width and height of several inches smartphone in the table.


When we use !6:9 form factor, 4″ and 4.5″ smartphone have widths less than 6cm.
These 16:9 4″ and 4.5 inch screen can be increased up to 7.1″ and 7.8″ when FS mechanism is applied.
When we use 2.16:1 form factor, 4.5″ and 5″ and 5.5″ smartphone have width less than 6cm.
And full screen size can be 8.3″, 9.3″, 10.2″ in maximum 16:9 ratio.

We have confidence that our FS mechanism is one of best solution for future smartphone.

The structure and mechanism of our FS smartphone is almost developed.
Challenges about commercialization are still ready to overcome with a lot of effort.